Data Scientist

Job Description

Data Scientist - Bachelor's / Master's degree in a quantitative discipline, e.g., Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence. 10+ years of hands-on experience in designing algorithms in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. High proficiency with standard database skills (e.g., SQL), data preparation, cleaning, and wrangling/munging. Location: Bangalore If you are keen on joining one of the biggest brands in the market then share your profile with Jackson at

Job Specification:

Roles and responsibilities: Ask the right questions to begin the discovery process Acquire data Process and clean the data Integrate and store data Initial data investigation and exploratory data analysis Choose one or more potential models and algorithms Apply data science techniques, such as machine learning, statistical modeling, and artificial intelligence Measure and improve results Present final result to stakeholders Make adjustments based on feedback Repeat the process to solve a new problem

Short Discription
  • Job Type:

    Full Time
  • Job Experience:

    6 years
  • Posted On:

    18 Nov, 2020
  • Location:

    Bengaluru, India
  • Expected Salary: